Published On: Thu, Mar 6th, 2014

Hundreds of 10X Engineers Found Hiding On Wall Street

“Oh there you are!” was the reaction of the investigative team charged with finding all the 10X engineers missing from Silicon Valley. Hundreds of these engineers have been found hiding on Wall Street, some in these strange entities called Hedge Funds, and some working for some big banks, but working on Python code every day.

“In Silicon Valley, you find something people would use, code, get users and then make millions. Here you code, your code trades, and you make millions. See there is no get users crap here you see” James Stunner, one of the engineers found hiding in a hedge fund on wallstreet, told SVChronicle. “In the Valley, VCs used to ask me how I plan to make money. Here, the plan is to make money!” he quipped, before returning to work on a trading algorithm that had made 5 million USDs in the last week by just sitting between buyers and sellers, denying the best price for both parties.

Some 2000 10X engineers have been reported missing from Silicon Valley in the last six months, and when reports last came in, close to 200 of them have been found editing quantopian algorithms sipping coffee at Starbucks.

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Hundreds of 10X Engineers Found Hiding On Wall Street