Published On: Sat, Feb 22nd, 2014

Kevin Systrom Diagnosed With Ctrl-Z Syndrome


Kevin Systrom, the founder of Instagram (that was sold to Facebook for a cool billion dollars) has been diagnosed with a reasonably new syndrome called ‘Ctrl-Z Syndrome’, according to sources. “Well, he just kept saying “19? – I just did not know, I just did not know” a close friend of Kevin told SVChronicle. “He started saying that he thought there was a cap to the price-per-user model. It was when he started typing Ctrl-Z non-stop on his laptop that we decided to take him to the emergency room”.

Doctors told SVChronicle that this is just a minor concern, and that Kevin has recovered completely and is doing perfectly fine now. However, as a precautionary measure, his friends and family have been advised not to use the numbers 19,32 or 55 when they interact with him.

Meantime, SVChronicle understands from reliable sources that researchers are exploring the possibility of using the term ’19 billion’ as a simple way to induce certain reactions like excitement, jealousy, hope and enthusiasm simultaneously in patients. “This used to be a multi-step process in treatments – now we have a shortcut!” a jubilant researcher told SVChronicle, before rushing to patent his new invention.

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Kevin Systrom Diagnosed With Ctrl-Z Syndrome