Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2013

Levchin: ‘Nobody Knew What Slide Really Was’

In a very candid moment during an interview with TCTV, Max Levchin finally confirmed what many people in the valley had suspected all along: Nobody knew or understood what Slide was. Max had sold Slide to Google for more than half-a-billion dollars a few years back. “I am not sure they were that concerned as well. I mean, we all knew Google throws out whatever they buy so in the bigger scheme of things it did not really matter” Max said.

When our SVChronicle reporter asked him on how the price was determined if nobody understood the product, Max replied saying  that acquisition prices are determined primarily based on other metrics like the valuation in the last round, which in turn is determined by the valuation in a previous round and so on.

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Levchin: ‘Nobody Knew What Slide Really Was’