Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2013

Peter Thiel Announces New Fund To Invest In NewBorns

San Francisco, CA: Peter Thiel has announced a $100 Million fund to invest in NewBorns. Called the N-Fund, it would be used to identify and invest in ‘baby’ entrepreneurs at a fairly early stage. “I am not trying to prove that growing up or playschool is not relevant – I am just saying that they are not required” said Thiel, in a blog post announcing the fund. “It is fairly easy to figure out the babies that would have the big ideas – and this is also my challenge to our playschool system, that is way out-of-sync with the skill requirements in the market today. It is just ill-equipped to identify and nurture talent” he added.

Replying to an email from SVChronicle asking how exactly he would know which babies would outcompete the others, Thiel’s reply was that competition did not matter anyways, and he was only looking at big ideas.

Meantime, Sarah Lacy has already welcomed the fund, calling it a “revolutionary” fund. Writing on her PandoDaily blog, she called the move as a “typical Thiel move”.

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Peter Thiel Announces New Fund To Invest In NewBorns