Published On: Mon, Aug 12th, 2013

Schmidt: ‘I had an identity crisis when I left Google’

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Santa Monica Beach, LA:  In a very delicate moment at the PandoMonthly day in LA, Eric Schmidt admitted that he went through an identity crisis after leaving Google. The moment came after the lunch break at PandoMonthly, which is a marathon day-long discussion/lunch/tea with entrepreneurs and leaders in the technology industry.

The crowd which was mostly asleep after the heavy lunch and listening to Sarah talk to Eric for more than four hours, suddenly became all attentive when Eric started explaining this phase in his life. “I mean, you spend like a decade just agreeing to things, after a while, you lose sight of who you are, really. Friends started asking me “Eric, man, will you ever take a stance on anything in life?”. Eric also explained that he went through a long therapy, and is recovering now.

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Schmidt: ‘I had an identity crisis when I left Google’