Published On: Tue, Oct 1st, 2013

US Government In Touch With BlackBerry

The United States Government, that is partially shut down right now, has reached out to the top management of RIM to understand some best practices on how to build a business case for buyouts and/or survival without strings attached. “We really want to know how they succeeded in selling their case as a buyout target in spite of losing money left, right and center” a top Democrat Senator told SVChronicle. “Here the minute we talk about the shut down, Obamacare is brought up!”

Meantime, President Obama has also been reaching out to some ‘early’ Google and Facebook employees to check if they can fund the government for a couple of months, as a token of appreciation for the thousands of searches on Google and thousands of hours on Facebook that the government employees have contributed to.

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US Government In Touch With BlackBerry