Published On: Sun, Nov 13th, 2016

‘You’ App Released: Your biography based on hacked data

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HackersForCoffee LLC today announced the public release of their app ‘You’ – basically a service that constructs your biography based on public information about you and data that have been collected from the various hacks in the last few years. The biography can be viewed in multiple formats, and for a small fee, can be exported and shared as well.

The ‘Numbers’ section has been a huge hit with beta users – it provides information on credit cards, social security numbers, and other such information. “This is the most comprehensive report of my financial footprint online, period” said Jacob Onliner, a beta user of ‘You’. “I have spent countless hours trying to construct a report like this, but here it is finally, for free!”.

“You should have..” is the other section that is very popular among beta users. This section advises the users on which credit card to use, when. “You should have used your Bank of America Cash Rewards card at Target on the 10th of October. You could have tapped into that Cashback offer. Instead you chose to use your Amex and gained nothing”. This feature is expected to be a huge selling point for the app.

‘You’ App is available for free on iOS and Android, starting Thanksgiving.

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‘You’ App Released: Your biography based on hacked data