‘Y’ App Goes Viral – Secures 50 Million In Funding


“Y is the stupidest app I have tried. Ever” tweeted Robert Scoble, 72 hours after he said the same thing about Yo. “It is just so addictive, I just don’t More...

One Line Summaries of Startup School Talks


SVChronicle had a front row seat to the talks at Startup School 2013. Here, we try to summarize the talks: Chris Dixon: I am a VC so I have to give you some formula – More...

NYSE Confirms That It Is All Set To Screw-Up Twitter’s IPO


“We will match the NASDAQ, and do one better” NYSE officials told a press conference here in New York today. “I mean, this is a technology war of sorts. We More...


SVChronicle Exclusive: Leaked – Snapchat’s Entire Business Plan Document

SVChronicle has gained access to Snapchat’s Business Plan document – at 203 pages, the long, thoughtful and well-written document would be a slap-in-the-face for all More...

Million Dollar Hackathon Winner: ‘VC Robot’

A team of Stanford students won the million dollar prize in the final round of the nationwide hackathon competition, for developing a stunning fully functional robot, called More...

SVChronicle Exclusive: Snapchat’s Shark Tank Pitch


SVChronicle has gained exclusive access to an episode of Shark Tank that was shot but not aired – one in which Snapchat More...

SVChronicle Exclusive: Interview With Steve Wozniak On ‘Jobs’


Here is an excerpt of an exclusive SVChronicle interview with Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, on the recently released More...

bi Business Insider Releases ‘Sensationalize’ API

Close on the heels of getting sued by Merriam-Webster, popular gossip blog Business Insider has released...

googlebump Google inadvertently posts ‘We are shutting down Bump’

There was some embarrassment for Google today – for a few minutes, the post that was...

lacy Sarah Lacy’s New Book: ‘Twice You Are Good, Thrice You Are Stupid’

Sarah Lacy, founder of PandoDaily and well-known author of the book on serial entrepreneurs ‘Once You...

Tech Enthusiast Reminisces About The Day He Saw Bitcoin At 10 Cents


“I mean, I was sitting in the same chair – but now my cash is still in the same Bank of America More...

Fed Up With Dead-Slow Internet on iMac, Apple Fan Changes His Middle Name To ‘Idiot’

“This is the latest iMac in the market, and I have a 20 Mbps connection and the latest versions of all..

Twenty More Satoshis Waiting For Reporters To Turn Up

“This is the last item on my checklist” a visibly excited Satoshi Nakamoto told SVChronicle, as he hung up the phone..

3D Sensors, Big Data Analytics Conclude That Shoppers Buy Cheapest Item On The Rack


In a mind-blowing revelation, one of the biggest retailers in the country today stunned the retail world with More...

Gartner Conducts BS (BrainStorming) Session To Create The Next Buzzword

With a corporate credit card to order pizzas and drinks, a team of Gartner analysts are holed up in a meeting..

Tech Executive Fired For Not Using ‘Big Data’ In Three Consecutive Meetings

John Swimmer got the shock of his life when he came to know that he was being fired for not using..

Social Network For ‘Capellini Lovers In Supai, Arizona’ Launched

“It is all about connecting and sharing” Ken Mayword, the founder of the brand new social network for ‘Capellini lovers in..

Now, An App To Say Hello To Your Next-Door Neighbour

A really solid pain point has been addressed finally – HellioNow help you to identify who your next door neighbor is,..

3 Year Old Admits To Clicking On Facebook Mobile Ads ‘Non-Stop’

Jordan Valley, OR:  John Drummer, the three year old son of Patrick Drummer, has confirmed that he has been clicking on..