Published On: Thu, Jan 2nd, 2014

And Now, (YourName)Coin

Well, this had to happen. Silicon Valley based Coinsoft Technologies is offering an instant ‘Create your own coin’ software bundle that users can buy for 99.99 USDs, and use it to create a crypto-currency ecosystem with their own name. “It is a one-click wonder” James Bitman, Coinsoft’s ‘Coin Evangelist’ told SVChronicle. “You basically just pick a name and click Create. The software creates the whole required package – the source code, Wallets for Mac and Windows, Wallet apps for Android and iOS, a forum with the name (YourName), a logo, a post on Hacker News and Coinspotting announcing the currency – basically the whole suite” an enthusiastic James explained. “It is a steal for the price – what are you waiting for? Just go get it – create your own coin!” he concluded.

#CreateYourOwnCoin is now trending on Twitter, and the digital world is abuzz with the possibilites of a brave new future – “Imagine paying for your groceries with your own currency – now that would be awesome!” Bob Pallmer, founder/owner of Bobcoin told SVChronicle.

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And Now, (YourName)Coin