Published On: Sat, Aug 24th, 2013

SVChronicle Exclusive: Interview With Steve Wozniak On ‘Jobs’

Here is an excerpt of an exclusive SVChronicle interview with Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak, on the recently released Ashton Kutcher movie ‘Jobs’.

FV: Hello, Steve!

Woz: Exactly. That is what they should have called the movie. Why focus on him when I did all the hard work?

FV: Did you watch the movie? What did you like about it?

Woz: Of course I did. I liked the fact that it ended in 128 minutes. BTW, I have written a book called Woz but nobody has shown interest in making a movie out of it.

FV: Would Jobs have liked the movie, you think?

Woz: I can’t say that. But I will say this: He was not a genius when I was there at Apple. When he came back, he had become a genius. When we got Apple Cake for Christmas, he wanted to eat it alone. I took my piece and gave it to everyone.

FV: Do you think this would be the definitive movie on Jobs?

Woz: I think we should wait for the Sorkin movie. I have co-written the script on that one. I will let everyone know that Jobs did not know anything until I was there. But he is a visionary and a genius and I am thankful to him.

FV: Why would you be thankful to him if he did not know anything?

Woz: I mean he is a visionary. But he was not like that until he came back from the Himalayas.

FV: Thanks for your time Steve.

Woz: My pleasure. Watch the movie that I have co-written. I am not saying that this kutcher movie is useless, I am just saying that it is of no use.

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SVChronicle Exclusive: Interview With Steve Wozniak On ‘Jobs’